Dumfries Massage Spa

Renee Martinez is a licensed massage therapist based in Woodbridge/Dumfries , VA. Specializing in Sports and Deep Tissue Massage. She operates by appointment only, so contact her today to schedule your next massage. 

I am always grateful for my wonderful clients. I couldn't be doing what I do (literally) without you! Thank you to everyone who I have massaged since the start of my career, thank you to those who were patient when I was still learning, thank you to those who are patient while I continue to learn and lastly thank you for allowing me to have your time.

"Very relaxing, but also therapeutic. Nice quiet atmosphere. Renee has well trained, skilled hands. I LOVE the heated table. Ahhh!!!" -Diane D.

"I swear Renee has magic hands. She is wonderful with deep tissue massages. I'm a runner and she has the knowledge to make sure my trouble spots don't become an issue. So thankful I found her."-Raiza V.

"Renee cares about making the massage  about me - my aches and pains.  Then she works hard to make me feel better.  Wish I could fit a daily massage into my hectic schedule!"-Leanne S.

"Renee is amazing!  I had a problem with my shoulder and my hip.  She was able to locate and isolate the exact area that I was having problems with.  She is extremely professional and attentive.  It's a great feeling when the massage therapist actually listens to you!  Before her, my shoulder would start to hurt again in a week or so, but now it doesn't hurt at all!  I was a client of hers at the location she was previously at and will definitely be following her to her Spa!  She is definitely worth your time."-Tia H.

"I found this place while searching on Yelp for a place to get a good massage.  I've had terrible luck and after reading the yelp reviews, I decided to give this place a try even though there were only 2 known reviews at the time.  I am SO happy that I did!  Renee is amazing and she's everything that I have been searching for.  This is an independent business and to me, its so wonderful not to be hounded with pressure to join a membership, or having to re-book appointments months in advance for a particular massage therapist.  Not to mention the website makes it super easy to book appointments.  I also like that the prices are clearly stated so their are no surprises or extra hidden fees - you know exactly what you are getting and for what price which makes it super easy and stress free.  The massage quality itself is top of the line.  It's so hard to find a massage therapist who just 'gets it' and Renee does.  I don't know if she gets it from experience or from her schooling, but I feel like she is just a natural at what she does.  The entire experience is very comfortable and Renee goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.  You can certainly tell she is highly professional and cares about her customer's needs.  If you want an amazing professional massage with no hassle, stress, or worries in a relaxing and calm environment, then go see Renee at Dumfries Massage and Spa.  You will not be disappointed."-Leah B.




"It was a great experience! Would definitely recommend to all!" Tiffany A.

"This was an excellent massage!!!!!! Renee is hands-down one of the best in the area and the massage exceeded my expectations."- Krusrl

"Great job, great customer service, will go back."-Adrian J.